I suck!

I just have a bad habit of disappearing these recent months! I have a lot of good reasons though, I promise.

Quick Debt Profile for you:

CC1: $1076 and some change (it was at $600 until this morning when I had to buy a new laptop)

CC2: $4059 and some change

So, what’s been going on and why aren’t those numbers lower?

Well, like I said, I had to buy a new laptop. My old one is still working, but barely, and that just isn’t allowing me to do the things I need to do. So, before it really kicks the bucket, I wanted to get a new laptop so that I can have some time transferring files.

Another reason is because we have been feverishly trying to fix up our house. We had an amazingly awesome turn of luck and sold it without having to put it on the market! We still have some stuff to do, though, to bring it up to snuff for the buyer, so there has been a lot of buying paint and other supplies, paying contractors, etc., to meet the contingencies. Sooooo, this means the obvious.

We bought a house!

Bigger, better, will meet our needs, current and future, better than our current home. We are purchasing the house on husband’s name and using some of the equity of this house to make a down payment. We are using another portion of it to create an emergency fund, and the rest husband is using to buy a bigger car (no, I’m not pregnant).

With the selling and buying of a home, it threw our finances into sharp relief, so we really talked (and fought a bit) over my financial situation. Husband put his foot down and said I absolutely needed to find a better paying job so that I can help more with the household expenses. With reluctance because I have only been with my current job a little over a year, I searched.

And applied.

And got an interview.

And got a job.

A job that pays me around 11k more annually than my current job.

So, after a night’s sleep and a discussion with my office manager, I put in my notice and accepted the job. I start the same week we close on the new house.

Needless to say, the past month and a half have been me doing those little things to fix our current house and packing. The silver lining is that because we are moving, the only spending I’m doing (besides the laptop) is groceries and house fixes. Husband has been covering a vast majority of the latter, but I help where I can. Since we have had a few honest discussions about my debt, he is on board with me at least paying the credit cards off ASAP. The new job will help too since it’ll be an extra $300 a paycheck approximately. I expect CC1 debt paid off by the end of the year, CC2 hopefully by March. Oh, by the way, I finally called my credit card company and asked for reduced interest rates on both credit cards and was rewarded lower rates by 4% each. Not a ton, but still it will help!

ALSO, I have heard from my ace-in-the-hole. I don’t have much time left to act on it, but with transferring my responsibilities at my current job, I will have time to call this week and check on the current status and hopefully it will be resolved within the next two weeks, which would mean extra money to pay off the credit cards. Maybe even pay them off completely before my above projections. I just won’t hold my breath in case it doesn’t turn out the way I expect.

I hope you all understand. With two major life events happening so soon, I have been a bit distracted. Both have been a blessing though in so many ways that I’ve really had to focus on the finish line for both of them and neglect my blog. It’s been a big year, and I’ll keep you all updated as much as I can over the coming weeks. 2014 will hopefully be the year I can REALLY focus on that student loan, but for now it continues to go on the back burner.


“I wonder if I ask for a raise, will I receive one…?”

I wrote that line in a blog post just 9 days ago.

I also speak often how I need my income to increase to help with paying off debt.

Today, I walked into my boss’ office to discuss one thing, and ended discussing some administrative issues we are encountering with the staff. I was kind of put off yesterday by the fact there were ten of us in the office, and barely anyone had work to do. The front office ladies were working on some mundane busy work, but that’s only 3 of them. The 7 of us who were left had nothing to do, and in any other job I had worked at, that either meant find work to do or go home (which I did yesterday), something that is not practiced in this office but should be to try to instill some work ethic. After I suggested that we start sending people home on quiet days such as yesterday and maybe it will make the scheduling ladies a bit more cognizant of how they are scheduling, my boss agrees and tosses in that she had meant to do it this pay period, but I’m way overdue for a raise and that she was going to retroactively date it to July 1st (so I’ll get an additional check in a week or two).


I was stunned. I had been hearing since last Christmas how no one has had a raise in ages. I suspect a person or two probably had gotten one, and the ones who hadn’t weren’t working hard to prove their worth. But, since so many hadn’t been given raises (one woman has been there four years and has never received a raise…), I just assumed that I would be in that majority. I started to fume recently that all I do is work my ass off, take on more and more responsibility without blinking an eye and get nothing in return. I created a new, married name email address Sunday, busted open Word Monday night to create a new resume and started scoping out jobs I wanted to apply to (one really caught my eye, I may apply *just to see* if they might have a nibble of interest in me) after an especially angering day last Friday. So, when she made this declaration today, all I could do was mumble my appreciation and thank yous since I truly wasn’t expecting it and was starting to pave the road to get out of there. The latter is still possible, but the sense of urgency has decreased (mainly because I feel guilty leaving someone after they give me a raise and feel a sense of obligation to do right by them).

I don’t know how large the raise is- I am an hourly employee and my boss works in dollars, so I’m confident it’s at least a $1/hour raise, but naturally I’m hoping it’s better than that. It’s better than nothing though, so I’ll take it! And it’s at least another $100 per month to paying off my debt!

Paycheck Peeves

I debated writing this post, it really is just a rant, but it’s my blog and I can do what I want!

How would you react if not one, not two, but THREE jobs messed up your paycheck(s)???

Well, it’s happened to me!

I have been checking my bank account since last Friday to see if my part-time job had paid me yet. Friday, no paycheck. Monday, no paycheck. Figuring the holidays were screwing everything up, I checked again today and still NO paycheck had been direct deposited. I’m just thinking to myself, WTF? I went in today, and sure enough, my boss hadn’t submitted my time sheet before the holidays. Those hours won’t be paid until the 15th of this month.


Then, this coming Friday I’m supposed to get paid at my full-time job. I was checking my time sheet (it’s all virtual) and sure damn enough, the office manager did not use any of my vacation hours to pay for the extra day off I took last week.

😡 x2!

AND, finally, I subbed for my friend’s pole studio at the beginning of December, and I have yet to receive a confirmation email that she had processed payment for me, like she normally does.

😡 x3!!!

I understand the holidays are stressful, and things get overlooked, BUT DUDE, ALL THREE JOBS?!? It’s mainly aggravating not because I *need* the money, but I *want* the money so that I can plan appropriately for my debt payoff. I like planning… I like it a lot. If I don’t know how much my paycheck will be or when I’m getting it, it completely throws off my ability to plan.

I also got a new medical bill today. Only $131.55, but still just the cherry to top off my annoying day!

I hope your 2013’s are off to a better, smoother financial start!

One Down!

Yesterday, I paid off the medical bill! Wahoo!!!!!!!!! It was definitely an exciting moment. I didn’t necessarily like paying so much money of course, but at least it’s one less bill I have to think about, one less debt that needs to be repaid. I have also made September’s payments on the other three, so we’re down to about $6825 approximately. That will be about $175 lower next week once I am reimbursed for my business travel expenses.

Overall, I have shaved around $900 off of my debt already, and if I hadn’t used my CC2 to pay for my business trip expenses, it would be over a $1000. Not too shabby, but still, exactly like targeted so I still need to find ways to shave money off my budget and make more money.


Until the other day, I had forgotten about a website I had joined over a year ago. It brought in around $500 for me the past year, and it’s so simple to do. Market research participant! Basically, I get sent a screening email every couple of months asking me questions regarding certain topics. The people who need the participants screen that initial email and then call to set up a time for you to come in and participate in the actual research study. They ask questions, I answer, and off I go with a check for $100+ in hand. A couple of times I was invited to participate, showed up and then they didn’t need me, but they still paid me the money because I went and was available. I got a screening email the other day, but I haven’t heard if I was chosen for participation yet. I think today I’ll look into joining more market research companies lists.

I still haven’t pursued private dance instruction, but I think I need to start teaching my regular classes before I pursue the idea any further. I have enough on my plate as it is without adding burn out to the mix. As great as debt payoff and the reduced stress from doing that is, I know I’ll be more stressed if I over-extend myself so I will be treading lightly. I guess I am relying on that ace in the hole to deliver, but I need to actually do my part to get it to come through.

Other Good Things

As it turns out, I am already being given benefits at my new job! I don’t know if my health insurance will kick in sooner rather than later though (which of course I’m hoping for sooner so that I can ditch my expensive premium). I am at least accruing vacation and sick leave and was paid for the holiday last week, which I definitely was not expecting to happen so it was a nice bonus to see in my paycheck yesterday. This actually puts my mind at great ease because it’ll mean that by the time my wedding rolls around, I hopefully will have enough time accrued to cover all the days off I’ll need.
Hope everyone else is having a great week! I’m looking forward to many more exciting ones to come as I pay off my debt! 🙂


I’m excited today to announce that I HAVE A NEW JOB! I put in my notice with my current employer today and will start the new job in a couple of weeks. I will be making more money over all and the new job [supposedly] has far better profit sharing. I get actual benefits, I don’t have to travel as far to work (which will mean saving some money on gas) and I’ll be in a job that will allow me better earning potential down the road.

I’ll be sad to leave my current job, I really loved my coworkers and I have some patients I will miss, but it is time for me to move on. I look forward to a new challenge in something I actually feel passionate about. Onward and upward!

Revenue Increase Hopes Abound

July has been an arduous month emotionally for me. My full-time job is becoming more…more…unbearable? Untenable? Draining? It’s a lot of different things right now, and as the days progress something more insane/unstable happens which tells me it’s TIME TO GO. But, where to?

Well, I’ve been following the “networking is what will get you a job” model, and I have let certain friends and a woman I work for on an extremely part-time basis know that I am looking for a new, permanent, full-time job that, oh, I don’t know, actually challenges me intellectually and gives me a chance to grow. Well, that woman is well acquainted with my full-time job, that’s how I met her, and she and her office manager are in the process of creating a job for me!!! Better hourly rate? No, but I’m at least guaranteed a solid 40 hour work week which my current job doesn’t. Ultimately the paychecks will be better because I’ll be working more. Also, the new position, whatever it ends up being, will be more likely to give me a focus and intent with a career path as opposed to the go-no-where job I have now. That’s what really makes me resent my current job- I was promised growth and opportunities, which are not happening, and I doubt they ever will. Ha, I was promised a lot of things with my current job and none of them are really happening! The new job isn’t 100% yet, so I am not holding my breath, but I was told that by mid-September everything should be figured out, and at the point I’ve been given an official offer and can submit my two weeks that’s when I’ll start holding my breath!

I also started to finally post some things online for sale. I did a Craigslist post with those dresses for sale again (I think I mentioned them before?), and an eBay auction for some troll dolls from my youth.


The auction is set to end in a few hours but at least it has one bid on it, so I’ll make a bit of extra revenue. Now, what I have decided to do though is to keep the money I make in my PayPal account and use it to buy stuff on eBay for my wedding (if I can’t find some of the things I need for cheaper elsewhere). This way, I can try to regulate how I spend money on my wedding to some degree and if I have money left over when all is said and done, then I can put it towards my debt.

I’m trying to think of more ways to increase revenue. The flash mob I choreographed went extremely well, and I think I should consider re-visiting choreographing first dances for weddings, and now flash mobs for proposals and/or weddings, again. A few years ago I taught some friends how to dance for their wedding (for free though) and a couple of years after that I choreographed a first dance for a couple who did pay me. I attempted to market the idea, but got very, very little interest so I was quickly turned off from the idea and haven’t considered doing it since. But, with the flash mob going so well, I may be able to garner better interest if I were to try again. I’m going to sleep on the idea a bit more and see if I can think of better ways to build the idea.

For now, that’s all I got with increasing revenue. I am feeling motivated by my one eBay auction having bids on it, so I will put more stuff up for sale on there over the next few weeks. And hopefully the job will be created and I can get out of my current job and make more money!