From January until Now…

I’m really good at disappearing. I had a major event come up in January, and I was afraid I would spill the beans before I was truly ready to share. Let me give you the current financial situation and I will reveal my secret at the end.

Credit Cards

Done. Finito. Not hundred percent zero, but for credit score reasons, I’m maintaining a small balance each month so it will never be zero (or at least until my credit score is strong enough for me to be able to do so). I know, I’m giving away free money to interest, but a better credit score will allow me to get better loan terms in the future, so that’s where I will see savings.

Student Loan


I had hoped to be able to up my payment amount by now thanks to the CC debt being pretty much bye-bye, but that will be on the back burner until the second half of the year. Keep reading to learn why…

January Cash Challenge



Crap, that failed quickly. With the exceptionally cold winter, I had ZERO motivation to go to the ATM and withdraw cash. If you haven’t figured out yet, motivation is my number one hindrance in life. Now that the weather is better, I will try again. One reader recommended I try $50 a week. I *totally* wish I could do it, but gas alone is $40 a week. I have to eat well right now, so $10 a week isn’t going to cut it on food and let’s face it, eating healthy costs more money. I’m going to try $100 a week this month, and reduce to a lower amount next month if I’m successful.

Speaking of Food…

I am going to plant a small vegetable garden. I am just planting some herbs, lettuce and scallions, but we eat a lot of those, so I’m hoping to reap some financial benefit for paying a few dollars in seeds but getting fresh produce from my backyard that I would be paying a couple bucks a pop at the local grocery store.

Annoyed with all the pictures yet?

Here’s one more….

Yup, I’m pregnant! That isn’t my actual pregnancy test, (it, just like all the pictures I used for my post, was copied from a Google Image search. Thanks Google!) but it is what it looked like. How’s that for a little kink in the plans?? Very much planned, though I don’t think either of us expected it to happen so quickly. I knew two days after conception we had been successful, it was a waiting game until I could take the test to confirm. Then we wanted the first prenatal appointment to gain confidence in the viability, and then needed to spread the news. The first trimester is over and I entered my second the other day, so I am finally ready to come back out of hiding and reveal myself to you guys.

This has a lot of financial implications obviously. A lot. There are so many I could, and will, do a series on how I plan on confronting those costs that are associated with bringing a child into the world. The first will be about transportation, because my little car just won’t cut it anymore, hence why jacking up payments on my student loan won’t happen until later this year. Also why I need a good credit score for a loan.

I welcome comments on what I need to think about with a little one coming! I’m over the moon and can’t wait to be a mom. And, in general, I want to know how was everyone else’s first quarter?

**Note: I PROMISE this is not an April Fool’s Day joke. Joking about being pregnant is pretty poor taste as a friend pointed out in a social media post today. Everything I have written today is factual.**


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