The Benefits of Marriage

A couple of updates first:

  • I have not gotten my deposit back yet. I’m going to wait until next week and if I don’t receive a check by then or learn when I’m getting my check, I’m going to contact the coordinator to find out what is going on. She had originally told me it goes out within two weeks.
  • Spoke with my ace in the hole. I have just a few more months to deal with it, so I need to get a move on.

And, on with the show.

While it takes some work, there are definite financial benefits to marriage. Primarily, insurance. Like I discussed previously, I’m going to take his health insurance and drop mine, saving around $200 a month. I’ll reinvest some of it into my 401(k), but mainly it’ll be in my paychecks.

The other insurance, car insurance, was a little more labor intensive. We had to call our insurance companies, give them our new spouse’s driver and car information to get the quote then make sure we were doing even comparisons between our policies. When all was said and done, yet again if I’m added to my husband’s car insurance, I’ll be saving around $40 a month ($480 per year). That’s more money I can put into my debt! Is it a lot? No. But as I seem to be saying a lot lately “something is better than nothing…”

The next round of possible benefits has yet to be seen- taxes. BUT, because I’m on ICR with my student loan, it may not be a benefit but rather a drawback [if we file jointly]. We’ll see what happens next year with that.

Other updates:

Still haven’t gotten around to putting stuff up for sale (really shouldn’t be much of a shock, I’m so lazy when it comes to that stuff). No summer job. I have done some research on a possible new career path- I would have to invest around $500 to take courses to get certified to go into this career, but that’s small change compared to the return I’ll probably see, around a $10-$20K increase in income and if I so choose, I could do it part-time. I may get more hours in the fall with dance, but it all depends on my new boss there.

With the possibility of selling the house in the next few months, I don’t want to get too crazy with planning beyond what is immediately doable as I don’t know where we will be come fall. I still like the idea of the Etsy shop, but I don’t want to get something going only to put it on hold since it involves the storage of supplies and I need to reduce clutter in this house before we sell. I have enough ideas to pursue at this time, especially selling the crap I already have, before pursuing that hobby as a possible means of income.

I’ll get back to doing monthly updates next week, time to return to accountability!


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