Radio Silence

As I approached my wedding day (I’m no longer a Miss, I’m now a Mrs.!), doing anything extracurricular, like this blog, fell to the wayside. So, I apologize for my radio silence, I hope you all have been having a good month too!

In general, obviously the month has been great personally and spiritually, however, financially, not so much. All those little things that come up before a wedding truly can bite you in the ass, to the tune of over a thousand dollars. And while I tried my best to make cash payments when I could, it wasn’t frequent that I had that ability, so my credit card debt is back up by a lot to the point where I should tell you all how much so that you can do some shaming on me (but I’m chicken and I’m not going to tell)…

I’m not done yet, I still have a honeymoon to go on. I hope to keep costs down, though my husband is allowing a couple of extravagant purchases (maybe/probably on his dime??). When I get back though, it’s off to the races and get this ish back in line. I should be able to kill a solid 1K when I get back because of security deposits (please let me receive my security deposits back!) and some more expected cash gifts. Once I do an immediate debt-kill, it’s time to re-assess the good ol’ increasing revenue portion of things. We’re talking job hunting, selling things, etc. I just found a calculator on my credit card website that will help me figure out how much I would need to pay to kill the debt in a certain number of months (I’m aiming for three, but it will probably be twice that length of time if we’re being realistic). I also still have that ace-in-the-hole, once I get back and settled, maybe, just maybe I will FINALLY deal with it and get something out of it.

That’s a lot of stuff. As Dori would say, just keep swimming!


2 thoughts on “Radio Silence

    • It will be interesting considering we hate talking to each other about it! I get defensive because I know my financial habits are not too great, and he gets upset. So, I’m hoping that we can hold off on combining finances (if we even do) for a few more months while I get my credit debt taken care of.

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