I Peeked….

I finally looked at CC2 the other day…

Not only did my spending the past month negate what I paid off on CC1 last month, it exceeded it by a few hundred dollars. After some quick scrambling, it’s down to $3200 even. I could have paid more, but I held back a bit because new kitten needs her shots and I need to get a couple more Christmas gifts. I want to do as much of that as I can with one of my debit cards, so I needed to leave some money in the account.

See, I’m trying to be a little responsible here!

Obviously, it changes the landscape of the debt payoff a bit. I was originally hoping to have everything paid off by April if I were conservative in my estimates. Now we are looking at June, if I’m not aggressive, though I am not sure how much more aggressive I can be- going into January, I’ll easily be paying $1200-$1400 a month on my debts, which is approximately 63-73% of my income.

The landscape currently is CC2- $3200 and Cosmetic Loan- $3450ish, but I just paid $550 (I don’t have online access to this, so I can’t say how much that has actually shaved off once interest has been accounted for), so we’re looking at roughly $6100-$6650 owed on those two debts. My $1200-$1400 in payments include my student loan payment, which I had hoped to up come January, but will keep at $250 for now, so when it comes to the other two debts, I’m really only paying $950-$1150 a month. AND I still have a wedding to pay for and a house to fix….

It’s a little bit discouraging. Yes, my ace in the hole could prove a huge benefit if I just made a simple phone call, but that’s only if I get what I want, which there’s always the chance that I won’t. But I also don’t want to rely on it either, no matter how much or little I may get. I need to learn how to budget smartly and effectively, learn to use more constructive means of dealing with stress (instead of shopping…) and do things without the help of others.

Once I get more details of my wedding planned and I’m able to balance life and work a bit better, I’ll reopen the question of extra income again. I babysat for that friend and made some money, which is great, but I really just don’t have the time and energy right now. I missed some chances to earn cash doing market research earlier this month, so hopefully more opportunities will come along again, sooner rather than later. I’ll continue to plan and pursue, but yet again, I’ve hit a wall.


4 thoughts on “I Peeked….

  1. “learn to use more constructive means of dealing with stress (instead of shopping…)”

    Do you have a Lululemon near you? I’m asking because a lot of their stores have free events like yoga and running meetups. Might be a good way to deal with stress and get in a free workout. You can find out here: http://www.lululemon.com/stores/

    I’ve never been so I don’t know if they try to pressure to you buy their overpriced clothes while you’re there. Hopefully not.

    • Yeah, I also have an Athleta even closer than the Lululemon which has more free fitness offerings (I did a walking group a few weeks ago set up by Athleta). I already do Krav Maga which is a great stress reliever, as well as dance, but unfortunately, I have to decrease my activity levels until a foot problem I’m having is resolved. 😦

  2. Really appreciate your “Capitalizing on eBay tips” I think my problem is I price things too high. I had some success on Amazon though. Craigslist is annoying because people are too flaky.

    What is this “ace in the hole” you mentioned? I might have missed that post.

    Hope you have a great Christmas!

    • Agree about selling on Craigslist. It’s really hit or miss.

      I had mentioned the “ace in the hole” a while back without going into detail. It’s legal in nature, hence why I’m really vague about it and will continue to be until I finish with it. Once it’s been dealt with, I’ll talk about it in a fresh post. I’m working up the nerve to deal with it this week (for real this time).

      Hope you have an enjoyable Christmas too!

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