Time for a Blog? Me?!?

I know, I know. I’m a week overdue for my December Debt Picture.

Past two weeks have been insanely busy, stressful and I was battling the un-flu last week as well. It’s been hard to want to do what I need to do.

And, honestly, this month’s picture isn’t super pretty.

I really have not wanted to look at my debt. I HAVE paid off CC1 minus $13 on interest from last month’s balance, but there was a glitch with the cosmetic loan and my monthly payment was not paid. CC2 is probably way up too thanks to new kitty bills, Christmas gifts, and I have to admit, I might have been stress shopping some. So, what I paid off on CC1 is probably null when I factor in CC2 [over]use.

Awesome Things Have Started to Take Shape

Last month, I did a small experiment. I put $300 in one of my checking accounts, and used that debit card to pay for my gas and food and small extras. I used it all, and then had to use my other debit card for one more gas tank fill (approximately $44). This month I put in $350. Hopefully that will get me to the end of the month, and if that does it means I have successfully shaved $50 off my monthly livings expenses.

One of the those small extras was a weekly automatic $5 transfer from checkings to savings. I really want to build up my savings account more, like I’ve discussed before, and I figure an easy, small weekly transfer won’t be missed and will help me build up my savings some. I will continue this, and as things get paid off I’ll be able to increase that amount.

I also sold some stuff on eBay! A Coach purse, some Harry Potter stuff (yes, I’m that kind of nerd) and I’m working on selling some music boxes now. I tried selling one of my music boxes, but no one bought it so I will try again. But, I’ve sold three things and after shipping expenses, I’ll have netted around $50, so I can’t complain- every little bit helps. Less clutter too (thank God- I watch “Hoarders” and start freaking out about all this crap I own, so less muss, less fuss).

I tried getting any babysitting gigs I could via Craigslist, but it didn’t work (got one nibble, but that person needed a weekday babysitter). A friend, however, needs me to babysit her kids one night and I’ll do that for a little extra cash.

Finally, remember that ace in the hole? Well, there is a certain medical aspect to it, and I discussed it with my doctor. I think I’m ready to call the ace in the hole and get it dealt with, so I’m not counting a December debt kill down and out yet.

I may or may not post the picture for this month, I’m still trying to gain the courage to look at how much damage has been done to the one credit card. Stay tuned…


3 thoughts on “Time for a Blog? Me?!?

  1. Hoarders does that to me too! *lol* I end up scrubbing walls and cleaning everything in sight with just one episode. I keep listing stuff on ebay too just to get rid of everything. It feels sooo good to box up items that have sold and I happily hand them over to the post office lady for her to ship out.
    I bank with Wells Fargo and I have a savings account attached to my checking. I also have direct deposit for my work check. Every payday I have a certain amount automatically be transferred from my checking to my savings with no charge. I also just learned that Wells has a Xmas account that you can have money automatically sent to from your checking for no cost as well. AND…that account doesn’t show up in your online statement.So you’re saving money all year that you don’t see and you don’t touch and when Xmas comes, you have money to spend. I don’t know if there’s a fee if you take any out early, I don’t have one set up but I will have one starting next month. You can always find out how much you have in that Xmas account whenever you want, but it’s suppose to work as an account like..”if you don’t see it you don’t spend it” until Xmas.
    Now I’m off to buy something in the Lego world for an 8 year boy who turns 9 tomorrow.
    Now go ahead and find that courage. 🙂

  2. Do you have any advice for selling things on eBay? I’ve tried listing a fountain, Coach/Dooney Bourke purse, Michael Kors slippers (gosh, I sound really materialistic) but no success yet. Thanks in advance.

    • I don’t know if I can give any particular words of wisdom in that arena. I sell my stuff for pretty cheap (the Buy It Now price on the Coach purse I sold was $25), so I guess that helps. I have two goals with my auctions- to get rid of stuff, but make some money doing it. I also in the past have researched what other people are selling particular items for and making sure my listing is below that (if it’s the same or similar).

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