Passed Up Opportunities

Earlier this month, I got an email from my dance boss about a community center near me that needed an instructor for dance asking if I were interested and if I were, to contact the center. Two of the days were a no go as I am working or already teaching at the times they needed. But there was a third day they needed an instructor that I could potentially do. I had discussed it before- I am not really interested in teaching for the community centers in my area due to a bad experience I had several years ago. But, considering everything that’s going on in my life and the money that is required, I went ahead and contacted the person in charge of the dance program at this community center and stated that I may be interested.
It didn’t take long for her to reply. Someone with my qualifications is pretty unique- it’s getting more difficult to find older, more experienced dance instructors who have a ton of experience teaching in general, but also successful in working with preschool age children. Pretty much, if I wanted the job, the interview would have been a formality. But, when I sat down to really figure it out, I had issues. First, it would eat into my Saturday. Second, not only would it eat into my Saturday, but it would interfere with my ability to take my Krav Maga classes (and we’d end up wasting money on my membership). Finally, I’m still struggling with the idea of taking on a third job because, honestly, do I really need to add more to my plate?? I ultimately decided not to pursue the job despite the financial benefit.
I know what you all are probably thinking, “But, rosiedancer, look at your financial situation! You have bills to pay off and a wedding to pay for!” Yeah, yeah, yeah, but at what cost to my sanity? At this time, I think when it comes to pursuing additional income, I need to go the more non-committal route and only do gigs that are once or twice deals.  Last night, I stage managed a show for a friend- while I don’t think I’ll get paid, I at least got to go out for a fun evening for free and also got some free swag. It also exposed me to more people who now know who I am and were really appreciative of my skills and abilities, which may lead to paid opportunities in the future. I’m also trying to get back in shape to get back into professional dance performance, which can be decent pay for the occasional gig.

While I may have passed up a good opportunity to make additional income, I know I made the right decision for me. At this moment in time in my life, I need all the extra minutes I can get to do what I need to do for myself. Sometimes, you have to step back from the moment and look at the what you truly need from life, and while no debt is a great goal and one I will continue to pursue, what I truly need from life is love and happiness, and those are the goals I’ll pursue long after my debt is gone.


One thought on “Passed Up Opportunities

  1. I like your story it is real, passionate, and delightful. It seems that you have a good routine schedule that you are not welling to give up for this job/career opportunity such as Krav Maga classes on Saturday. I wouldn’t give up Krav Maga classes too. Keep writing and keep in touch.
    Thanks Chong Moua.

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