It’s That Time Again!

Time to analyze my monthly debt pay down!

After interest has been added, I’m down a total of $523.44 from September to October!

But, let’s have an honest moment, it could be better. I should be exercising better restraint considering my goal and future plans.  I did go out some more in October, but November the plan is to be *really* strict in my plans.

CC2/Cosmetic Loan Decision

I have to do some further investigation, but it doesn’t look like I can transfer the balance from the cosmetic loan onto CC2, so for now, the decision has been made for me.

That also means no November debt kill of CC1 (I would have dedicated the $250 that goes to the loan to CC1 had I been able to transfer the loan). Especially thanks to the income lost from missing work because of Sandy, I really won’t be able to pay it off. My graphic above displays the fact that I’m only paying what I had planned, but I’m hoping to be able to pay more than the amount that I have planned. Had I been more restrained in my spending last month.. Oh well, what’s done is done.

At Least I’m Staying Smart with the Wedding!

We’ve been looking for an officiant. It had been looking like that was going to be stupid expensive considering the service being rendered, but we don’t have the money in the budget to pay as much as many officiant’s were charging. I was looking up what it would take to have a friend officiate the wedding on my county’s website and found information regarding how much a civil celebrant can charge. I had all these people in my ear telling me I should just pay the celebrant $$$$ because that’s standard.

I ain’t that stupid.

I called the courts to confirm what I was reading regarding the civil celebrant cost and also to ask about what I had been reading regarding people ordained online.

My friends= “oh, $$$$ is the standard rate!” The Courts= “oh, hell no! $ is the maximum allowable rate.”

My friends= “oh, someone ordained online is okay to officiate your wedding.” The Courts= “oh, hell no! We do not interpret the law that way, we don’t sign people who have been ordained online.” (Basically, when you get married, you go to the courthouse, get your marriage license, then have you have to have someone who is sworn in perform your ceremony within a certain number of days. They sign the license after the ceremony has been performed, thus making it legal. If they aren’t ordained and sworn in by the court, your marriage can be consider invalid.)

In fact, I was told by the clerk if I come across anyone who is on their civil celebrant list and charging more than the max, I’m to call the court right away so that they can revoke that person’s right to ordain ceremonies.

The lesson with this particular exercise is to not be a follower. Just because everyone else is stupid enough to pay ridiculous amounts of money (particularly with weddings), use your brain and do your research. You could save a few hundred dollars compared to your peers, and potentially have a way better wedding (the civil celebrant’s have a boatload of experience performing weddings). I’ll easily pay a sixth to an eighth of what many of my friends paid for their celebrant’s.


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