It’s Kinda Windy Out…

I haven’t had much to say in recent days. Stuff is steady. I was hoping for a potential November debt kill of CC1, but because of Sandy that may not happen. Work closed early today, we’ll probably open late tomorrow and I don’t have vacation hours available to me to use to make up for that fact. I’ll probably just try to stay extra long other days this week if I can.

Yeah, I’m in the path of Sandy. We’re fairly far inland, so I’m not super concerned. We’re in a part of my town where if the power goes down, it’s almost always fixed within a few hours (I think we’re on the same grid as a few assisted living homes, so get that priority status). So, I’m hoping the trend holds and we’ll be good to go throughout the storm.

Obviously I’m really bored since I’m rambling. My dance classes were canceled (MORE income loss *sigh*), my gyms are closed, we braved the storm to get some dinner, but now I’m officially stuck at home riding the storm out. I’ve budgeted the *shit* out of my money, I don’t think there’s anymore that can be done. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MYSELF? Please, help entertain me loyal readers!


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