Experiencing Life

Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.~ Oscar Wilde
I have to eat some words from a few weeks ago about how my friends and I are cool with just staying in and hanging out. I’ve spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $250-$300 on going out to various events with my friends.


Of course, I’m disappointed with myself that I spent so much on entertainment with friends, but as the above quote is supposed to illustrate (in this particular case literally), some experiences aren’t free. One was a 80s cover band concert, so we had tickets, a pre-show dinner and I bought some new 80s-inspired accessories for the show ($20, $30 and $40). The other was a masquerade ball for which I bought tickets ($62) and a costume ($150ish, but $50 of that was a gift card, so not money directly out of my pocket). That’s a lot of money that won’t be going to my debt this month.

But also 🙂

I wouldn’t trade the fun I had with my friends those nights for anything! Sometimes you have to get out of the house and enjoy the events that are at our disposal, even if it costs money.

There is an extra upside here. A new relationship is being developed with the people who run the masquerade ball event, which down the road may have a financial benefit. While I still had fun, there were things lacking with the event and I very unabashedly gave them a very thorough critique, from the event, to the house, to their website. They wrote back almost immediately discussing my critique, which honestly I was impressed with, they obviously care about what they are doing. This particular event they hold monthly has an element in which they could totally tie in some dance stuff, so as a path for them to make more money for their organization, I suggested a pre-party era-inspired dance class for the ladies (they also could do a gentleman’s hour for the guys while the ladies learn, I have ideas). Right now, I would do it for them for free while they continue to develop their events, but I think at some point I could say “alright, we have had a few events with good attendance under our belts, time for some kick back.” But, in general, it would get my name out there and I could find dance clients that way. It’s a potential “everybody wins” situation.


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