Everyday I get a “Balance Alert” from my bank letting me know how much money is in my checking account. This morning, while I’m relaxing before going to work, I get my alert and I’m immediately alarmed by how low it is and wondering where the Hell some of the money went. I log on and realized I’m a f***ing idiot.

I paid my student loan twice.

What happened? Well, they didn’t take out money last Friday because I guess the payment hit my account before my paycheck did (a big gamble on my part, I know), so it was rejected. Figuring they (they being the Dept of Ed) wouldn’t try again, I immediately logged on to my Dept of Ed account and scheduled an immediate payment. Well, what I learned today was I was wrong.

Is this necessarily a bad thing? No, paying more to the student loan is never a bad thing. BUT, it does mean that I can’t pay as much to my other debts this month.

OH WELL! Lesson learned!


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