October Debt Analysis

Going into September, I was looking at a total of $7715.48 in debt with the medical bill, CC1, CC2 and the cosmetic loan.

This it what that spreadsheet looks like now!

Medical bill=Gone!

Credit Cards= One lower, one higher, but the higher portion is the part my employer owes me from business travel.

Cosmetic Loan=Lower! (well, it’s a loan, it can’t go up)

I am down a total of $901.69 from September, even though I paid 1150.17, the difference between the two being the amount I’m up on CC2 from the business trip, which I haven’t been reimbursed for yet, and the little extra I had in the bank. If I hadn’t had the extra money in the bank to pay off the medical bill, I would have only paid around $850 total to the debt, so despite the slight downside, I still did well and will see an extra upside next month once I’m reimbursed.

In October I will start seeing the revenue from teaching dance roll in, so it should continue to help speed up the process. I will project that CC1 will definitely be paid off in November. I’m not so enthusiastic that the other two will be paid off by Christmas unless that ace in the hole or a small miracle happens.


As I’m carving out this path, one thing I have to consider is the holidays that are just around the corner. I’ve made a basic budget that shouldn’t exceed $250. My fiance’s gifts gets the bulk of that share, while my nieces and nephews will get a small portion each. At least two, if not three or four of my nieces and nephews will get cash wrapped up in fun ways (thanks for the ideas Pinterest!) and the youngest will definitely be getting a toy or books. I’m choosing money because they all have a bunch of toys and clothes, and they are at or getting to that age where they understand, appreciate and should be learning to properly use money. It’s the teacher in me, most of my gifts have an educational value. I feel a little guilty not spending more on them, but they will each get big gifts for being ring bearers and flower girls at my wedding, so that will be worked into the wedding budget.

Now, of course, the question is where is that money coming from? I hate to say it, but I may need to look to babysitting a few nights to make some of the money. I might try to do a couple of days where I watch a bunch of kids at once so people can go holiday shopping. Problem? Space. I don’t have it in my house, so I’ll have to talk to some friends to see if they are willing to sacrifice their space and time to execute the idea and doing that will cut into the profit margin. I had also thought about taking a holiday job, but I don’t think I have it in me to commit to a job a few nights a week for 6-8 weeks. I’ll talk about the why in the next section a bit more. I’ll also look to see if there are sacrifices in my budget that can be made or if I can do some extreme couponing over the next few months. We’ll label this problem “a work in progress.”

Sorry, Joe, I like giving gifts too much to just not do it.


I am absolutely stinkin’ exhausted. Not with this whole debt battle, but mentally with the new job. It is definitely sending me home ready to just crash into my bed some days. The quality of this fatigue is definitely a lot different than the fatigue I felt with my old job which was more of a physical exhaustion. I just need to get used to it, I think. I also need to tweak my diet to adjust to sitting at a desk most of the day. I used to be on my feet and coaching/exercising with patients at my old job so burning calories and eating junk food wasn’t as big of a deal and still have energy to burn. Now I’m definitely showing the physical signs (bigger belly) of a desk job after only a month, not to mention junk food probably just makes me more exhausted, so if I changed that, it may improve my energy.

Because of the exhaustion, it’s really hard for me to consider getting a seasonal job, which I had been considering for the past few weeks prior to the exhaustion starting to set in. Even considering the babysitting idea again makes my head swim. However, if I’m going to at least be mostly successful with my goal, I need to look at those alternative methods of making money, pursue them and get over my exhaustion. Right now, it’s a mental block I have to break through and hopefully I can break it sooner than later. Let’s see what happens mid-October once I start getting into the groove of my current schedule. At that point, I’ll have a better picture of how I’m reacting to the fatigue and if taking on more tasks is doable.


3 thoughts on “October Debt Analysis

  1. Rosie..your exhaustion bothers me. Maybe with your new insurance you could get some metabolic blood testing done. I had mine done last year and it revealed quite a bit. It will tell you what your body is lacking and what you’re good at as far as levels. It’s a real eye opener when you get the results back.

    • I’m pretty sure my doctor did a metab panel last year, but I’ll double check. I’m actually more concerned about the possibility of hypothyroidism because I’ve been showing more symptoms of that than anything else.

      • I didn’t want to say that, but that’s what I ended up having. 😦
        It kicks your butt in the energy dept. You can find that out through a simple blood test too.

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