Revenue Highs and Woes

The good news first.

Health insurance with my new job kicks in next week, which means I can ditch my mediocre individual insurance that I pay out of pocket!

I’m going to start teaching a class on Thursday nights at my pole fitness studio!

….And that’s about it.

Now the bad news.

I took the most expensive health insurance plan. I thought it was $160 a month, which would have still been cheaper than what I’ve been paying out of pocket for my individual plan. I found some documents to suggest that it’s actually $160 a paycheck. Holy shit! I emailed HR today to try to resolve it. We’ll see. 😦

I no sooner gain a dance class than I will probably lose one. Went to teach my tap classes, and my beginner class which hasn’t run in years only had one kid and we were both miserable the whole class. If there are no other students signed up, the class will get ditched. I’m hoping the hole can be filled with private dance student lessons, but we will see. In some ways I’m not too disappointed though because teaching three dance classes a night can be absolutely exhausting even if it’ll mean less money for my bottom line.

Other prospects yet?

None, I have absolutely no prospects for more additional income. I have great intentions going into the weekends to look and research ideas, but then I get out of bed on Saturdays and Sundays and have absolutely no motivation to do anything. Lack of motivation and caring got me into the mess I’m in now, so I had better find some soon.

It’s not much of a post tonight. I figured a decent public self-shaming might rev me up a bit. I’m looking forward to posting my debt numbers in a few days and sharing the progress. But don’t expect any progress notes on my budget, I still suck at staying in the lines and September illustrated that to me.
Until next time!


9 thoughts on “Revenue Highs and Woes

  1. Hey Rose!Have you ever thought about taking your dance classes and turn them into a book? Maybe make a story up that revolves around the studio or something and turn it into an ebook. It’s free to put it up on amazon, smashwords, etc.

    • What do you mean? Like write a story about a dancer? Or write a book about how to teach dance?

      I actually have had a concept for a kids book for years now. It doesn’t involve dance. I just need to get around to plotting it out, writing it and find an illustrator.

      • I was thinking a children’s book revolving around the dance studio. You could take it in many directions. As for an illustrator, you could talk to an art teacher at a high school or a Professor at a college and probably get great art from one of their students for pretty cheap.

  2. OK, out from the shadows of NMHD I come. I really enjoyed your comments, all three of you, on NMHD, so have checked out your blogs too. Not you Sweta, there’s no link to a blog.

    Are there any montessori or private schools in your area? They are often looking for somebody to come in and teach after school classes like art, dance, yoga, music. Also, community education through the public schools and community colleges often offer classes taught by people like you for evening and weekend classes. You need to do some research and see if any of these options are out there waiting for you. Not only is it a way for you to earn money, but you have a gift to share, that needs to be shared πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for stopping by! Happy to have you join us!

      Alas, I have done the community center thing and never again. I was screwed by them last time, I really don’t want to repeat the experience (wasn’t paid for my services despite doing my part). I also get out of my day job too late most days to make it worth it. My evenings are booked- I teach dance three nights a week now, take classes on Tuesdays and Saturday mornings and am only left with Fridays, Saturday afternoons and Sundays. It’s really hard for me to consider sacrificing more days. I’ll actually be discussing some of this in a blog post next week to help give a bit more perspective about where my current thought process is.

    • MJ, I enjoyed your comments as well on NMHD and I think you should start a blog. I’ve been asked to write a blog by several people but I don’t know what I’d write about since I’m debt free and my life isn’t near as interesting as Joe’s. Also I’m not as good at writing as he is so it would probably be really boring.

  3. Thanks for the warm welcome and kind comments.
    Rosie, sorry that you had a bad experience with the community ed option. I believe dreams come true and you will find a way to dance your way out of debt πŸ™‚

    Sweta, I started a private blog back in January, to see how committed I would be. I follow a lot of blogs and it is interesting to see their life cycle, not many last, usually because they stop writing/posting, the purpose of their blog reaches a conclusion, or the writer is tired of living in a fishbowl. I guess NMHD fit all three reasons, sadly. In my own case, posting stopped with the end of the school year, but I did rack up more than 200 posts….so who know what may happen in the future. I will let your words simmer for a while. I encourage you to start writing, even if you just keep your posts private. A blog is a convenient place to capture thoughts, rants, and observations, so they don’t vanish into the atmosphere.

    Iowenomore, congratulations on selling your house. Being a country girl at heart, sounds like I would have loved it.

    Wishes of financial freedom and peace to you all. You are all awesome!

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