One Down!

Yesterday, I paid off the medical bill! Wahoo!!!!!!!!! It was definitely an exciting moment. I didn’t necessarily like paying so much money of course, but at least it’s one less bill I have to think about, one less debt that needs to be repaid. I have also made September’s payments on the other three, so we’re down to about $6825 approximately. That will be about $175 lower next week once I am reimbursed for my business travel expenses.

Overall, I have shaved around $900 off of my debt already, and if I hadn’t used my CC2 to pay for my business trip expenses, it would be over a $1000. Not too shabby, but still, exactly like targeted so I still need to find ways to shave money off my budget and make more money.


Until the other day, I had forgotten about a website I had joined over a year ago. It brought in around $500 for me the past year, and it’s so simple to do. Market research participant! Basically, I get sent a screening email every couple of months asking me questions regarding certain topics. The people who need the participants screen that initial email and then call to set up a time for you to come in and participate in the actual research study. They ask questions, I answer, and off I go with a check for $100+ in hand. A couple of times I was invited to participate, showed up and then they didn’t need me, but they still paid me the money because I went and was available. I got a screening email the other day, but I haven’t heard if I was chosen for participation yet. I think today I’ll look into joining more market research companies lists.

I still haven’t pursued private dance instruction, but I think I need to start teaching my regular classes before I pursue the idea any further. I have enough on my plate as it is without adding burn out to the mix. As great as debt payoff and the reduced stress from doing that is, I know I’ll be more stressed if I over-extend myself so I will be treading lightly. I guess I am relying on that ace in the hole to deliver, but I need to actually do my part to get it to come through.

Other Good Things

As it turns out, I am already being given benefits at my new job! I don’t know if my health insurance will kick in sooner rather than later though (which of course I’m hoping for sooner so that I can ditch my expensive premium). I am at least accruing vacation and sick leave and was paid for the holiday last week, which I definitely was not expecting to happen so it was a nice bonus to see in my paycheck yesterday. This actually puts my mind at great ease because it’ll mean that by the time my wedding rolls around, I hopefully will have enough time accrued to cover all the days off I’ll need.
Hope everyone else is having a great week! I’m looking forward to many more exciting ones to come as I pay off my debt! 🙂


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