Ahead of the Game and Taking Advantage of Business Travel

Ahead of the Game….Kind of

Today, while I was sitting in a room of over 300 people listening to lectures and information, I let my mind wander from time to time, and me being me, it of course wandered to my debt pay down plan. The main thing I figured out is that if I wait until payday this Friday, I can pay off the rest of the medical bill. WAHOO!!! But, when I inputted the numbers into my spreadsheet, it didn’t change much in the speed that I’ll pay down my debt if I continue in my normal pay down manner. At this point, I feel confident that I can definitely payoff Credit Card 1 by Christmas, and probably Credit Card 2 as well, projected that I earn as much as I anticipate from teaching dance. I still haven’t figured out how I’m going to make that extra $3000 I need to kill the rest of the Cosmetic Loan. I’m on a trip for work right now, so I haven’t had much of a chance to figure it out or pursue either of my ideas. It’s part of the plan for this weekend though, we’ll see what I else can think of or how to pursue my ideas…

Taking Advantage of Business Travel

For the first time ever, I am on a business trip! Stupid to be excited about, I know, but it builds up my self-importance. ;D

My company didn’t give me a credit card or cash to pay for my expenses. Instead, I have to use my own cash and credit cards to pay and keep track of all of my receipts. How is this an advantage? Credit card points. One of my credit cards gets me cash back, so I’ve been using it to pay for a majority of my expenses while I’m on this trip so that I get the cash back. It’s like getting free money! Granted, I will have to make the conscientious effort to immediately deposit the money paid back to me and pay that money off of my credit card, but it’s the 0% APR card, so I don’t have to worry about interest, just not letting my balance increase.

Another advantage of business travel? Each day I’m away, I’m eating and traveling on someone else’s dime, so that means a few days that I don’t have to pay for anything, saving my food and gas budget a little money! I did think about going out and taking a dance class which would have been on my own dime, but decided against it so that I can stay on target with my money.

A silver lining to every cloud, just have to know how to take advantage of it!


After I wrote the post, I realized some of my numbers are off. I actually will have to come up with an additional $500+ to pay off CC2 by Christmas. Oh, what a buzz kill.


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