Another Revenue Increase Soon to Come!

Every school year, from September until May or June, I teach dance. I primarily teach tap and hip hop and always teach two or three classes of each each year. Because of the setting where I teach, every year one of my classes does not run because of lack of interest (usually beginner tap). So, I was just banking on teaching my normal four classes this year. Imagine my surprise when ALL five of my classes will be running due to enough interest! This, I have figured out, will add around $400 extra to my bottom line. I am one happy girl!

Injury Update

What can I say but my calf muscles hate me. This injury is coming along more quickly than when I tore the other calf muscle at least. If you have ever torn a muscle, you will get what I’m saying when I say it has got to be one of the most painful, annoying injuries to have.

My private insurance sucks (last time it was on workers comp), and my old job can’t help me out in that way, so I have to teach my fiancé how to how me out and guide myself through stretching and exercises. I could be in a far worse predicament and be completely clueless on how to help myself, but luckily I’ve been trained well and paid attention.

When I found out my old job couldn’t basically give me free healthcare, I was so frustrated. I had to assess the depth of the injury and if professional intervention was really [financially] worth it. I’m pretty far from meeting my deductible and it would derail me from my financial goals. I decided to treat myself, but I discourage that for most. I happen to have the ability to call and get advice from professionals in the physical therapy field and was around it, every day, for almost two years. I have a higher level of knowledge than most.

The big hope, now that I’m sure the attachment to the tendon wasn’t affected, is that it heals like it should and won’t require further medical intervention.


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