Remember that disaster I was joking about?

I keep on saying that as long as some disaster did not come along, I’m on a good road regarding my finances. I started the new job the other day, and minus my trip next weekend, I have no plans to take any time off for a while- I have to be on board for 6 months before I get PTO. Well, I may not have a choice now as an injury, I guess you could almost say literally, hit me last night.

I was in my Krav Maga class and we were finishing class with a drill which included two attackers and one attackee per group. One of the two people would tap you in some way which let you know how to hit back. I was the attackee, and I had been tapped to do knee jabs. One knee, two knee, pop! I knew almost instantly what probably happened as I had done the same thing in my other leg two years ago.

I tore my calf muscle.

The good thing is at least it’s a medical emergency. I work for a doctor group so I have access to free health care, and when it comes time to rehab the leg, I used to work for a physical therapy practice and left on good terms. I (hopefully) won’t have to worry too much about co-pays. And I’m hoping that I won’t have to get an MRI (which can be really expensive, no matter who I work for).

So, dear readers, wish me luck that I won’t be too derailed from my journey to financial freedom because my calf muscles hate me!


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