Got My Mind on My Money, Money on My Mind

I have to admit, ever since I decided to tackle my debt and get out from underneath it all, I think about my money as I fall asleep.

(That isn’t me, just a stock image I found in my word processing program. 🙂 )

Any way, I wouldn’t say I count dollars signs as they jump over fences, or stay awake endlessly worrying and fretting over money, but I probably stay awake a little longer than normal because I want to succeed so badly! I want to just log-in to my bank account tomorrow, see a ton of money magically appear there, pay off all my debts and POOF! DONE!

But that isn’t reality.

I have to work hard for my money, and then I have to work even harder to pay down my debts using self-control, which I admittedly lack. I fall asleep thinking about my paychecks, when I’ll receive them, how much will probably come in them (I’m so excited that I will soon know exactly how much money I’ll get in my paychecks every period, as opposed to this craziness of working such varying hours every pay period), what debts and obligations the money will be delegated to and how much time that will shave off my timeline.

I’ll be happy for the days as they come along that I’ll hit the “Pay Balance” buttons on my accounts and know that I do not have to worry about that debts anymore (barring some disaster, knock on wood). I still don’t have a definite timeline- right now it’s looking good for the first credit card to be paid by December. But, as time moves along, life could throw me curve balls, but hopefully with the strategic planning I’m constantly doing, those curve balls won’t knock me out.


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