Strategic Spending

I noticed over the weekend I have developed a habit of strategic spending. Stuff comes along that can fall into one of my budget categories, but because I just don’t want to spend the money, I tend to forgo the opportunity. One example would be my friends coordinated effort to go to wineries monthly. A tasting itself isn’t that expensive, but then you have to buy a glass of wine after and some snacks (if you weren’t foresighted enough to bring your own, which I will next time) and those costs are the ones that add up. I was trying to get out of it when a deal came up for a local winery that could be bought for four which included the tasting, bread and cheese pairings, souvenir glasses (which none of us ever buy anyway, but are fun to have) and a gift shop credit which can be used toward buying snacks. Divided four ways, it will cost around a third of the price of a regular outing. I propositioned the other ladies about buying it, they all agreed it was a good deal and I went ahead and bought it. Even better- I got an additional $3 off because I waited to buy it until the site put up a coupon code for the weekend. 🙂 Another thing I have been putting off because it costs so much money is trying Krav Maga classes. Again, I waited and no sooner than I was ready to cave than a coupon site came out with a deal for the local Krav Maga gym! My fiance and I are buying one each so that we can try the classes together.

I also need new work shoes. I’ve completely worn out the lateral right heel to the point where I’m getting no support from it. I was on my way to the shoe store after work today when I remembered I had a $10 off coupon for the store, so I decided to wait until tomorrow. Then, when I was almost home, I heard on the radio that it was tax-free weekend starting this Friday in my state, which means I can buy clothes, shoes and school supplies tax-free! So, while the tax would only be a few cents, I would rather wait until Friday to buy the shoes and save all those extra pennies.

Finally, I’m waiting to buy certain things until online coupons are available. I need a few personal care items, but the companies aren’t putting up any new coupons until the beginning of the month. So, again, I’m waiting for the coupons so that I can save a few extra dollars.

Saving money I think is sometimes a matter of patience.  If you’re smart about waiting until the good discounts are available and seeing if deal sites come out with anything within your desired time frame, you will reap the rewards!


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