Revenue Increase Hopes Abound

July has been an arduous month emotionally for me. My full-time job is becoming more…more…unbearable? Untenable? Draining? It’s a lot of different things right now, and as the days progress something more insane/unstable happens which tells me it’s TIME TO GO. But, where to?

Well, I’ve been following the “networking is what will get you a job” model, and I have let certain friends and a woman I work for on an extremely part-time basis know that I am looking for a new, permanent, full-time job that, oh, I don’t know, actually challenges me intellectually and gives me a chance to grow. Well, that woman is well acquainted with my full-time job, that’s how I met her, and she and her office manager are in the process of creating a job for me!!! Better hourly rate? No, but I’m at least guaranteed a solid 40 hour work week which my current job doesn’t. Ultimately the paychecks will be better because I’ll be working more. Also, the new position, whatever it ends up being, will be more likely to give me a focus and intent with a career path as opposed to the go-no-where job I have now. That’s what really makes me resent my current job- I was promised growth and opportunities, which are not happening, and I doubt they ever will. Ha, I was promised a lot of things with my current job and none of them are really happening! The new job isn’t 100% yet, so I am not holding my breath, but I was told that by mid-September everything should be figured out, and at the point I’ve been given an official offer and can submit my two weeks that’s when I’ll start holding my breath!

I also started to finally post some things online for sale. I did a Craigslist post with those dresses for sale again (I think I mentioned them before?), and an eBay auction for some troll dolls from my youth.


The auction is set to end in a few hours but at least it has one bid on it, so I’ll make a bit of extra revenue. Now, what I have decided to do though is to keep the money I make in my PayPal account and use it to buy stuff on eBay for my wedding (if I can’t find some of the things I need for cheaper elsewhere). This way, I can try to regulate how I spend money on my wedding to some degree and if I have money left over when all is said and done, then I can put it towards my debt.

I’m trying to think of more ways to increase revenue. The flash mob I choreographed went extremely well, and I think I should consider re-visiting choreographing first dances for weddings, and now flash mobs for proposals and/or weddings, again. A few years ago I taught some friends how to dance for their wedding (for free though) and a couple of years after that I choreographed a first dance for a couple who did pay me. I attempted to market the idea, but got very, very little interest so I was quickly turned off from the idea and haven’t considered doing it since. But, with the flash mob going so well, I may be able to garner better interest if I were to try again. I’m going to sleep on the idea a bit more and see if I can think of better ways to build the idea.

For now, that’s all I got with increasing revenue. I am feeling motivated by my one eBay auction having bids on it, so I will put more stuff up for sale on there over the next few weeks. And hopefully the job will be created and I can get out of my current job and make more money!


2 thoughts on “Revenue Increase Hopes Abound

  1. OMG troll dolls! Thanks for that blast from the past. 🙂 I’m not really a fan of those anymore but I might be in the market for a slap bracelet if you have any lying around, do you remember those? Goodluck w/ your payoff. I found your blog from NMMD.

    • Oh slap bracelets, I remember they no sooner were popular then they were banned from my elementary school, so I have none since my mom refused to buy any for me when I was a kid. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, this will be a VERY long journey for me, but I hope that I can at least make a decent dent into everything within a year.

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