Paying Bills



Yesterday was one of those days where I got the mail, looked through it and found some out-of-the-blue bills. Medical bills to be exact, ones that I had been waiting to come for a while actually. But, I wasn’t all stressed like I would have been once upon a time. It may derail me from my goals a bit, but earlier this week I made payments on my credit cards, put some money into savings but still I was still able to pay these bills without using that money I had just put into savings. For once in my life, I feel like a financially responsible adult (which is pretty sad since I’m closing in on 30).

I keep on having these random bills pop up, but I’m glad at least that I have the financial stability and determination to pay them ASAP that I once didn’t have. I only expect one more random bill to pop up and I’m prepared to pay that quickly. After that, so long as no unforeseen financial disaster comes along (and stuff has a way of popping up, so knock on wood!) I believe it’ll be pretty clear sailing! I still haven’t given myself a timeline for repayment of my debts, but again, I like to have a better grip on my budget first and I’ll go from there. I’m just so proud that I paid the bills quickly and easily because I’m finally sticking to a budget, not buying junk I don’t need and using my resources for a better future, for myself and my future family!


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