The (Almost) End of June Report

It was the first month of my money diet, and while it’s not quite the end of the month, it’s close enough. Here are some highlights:

  • I adopted the money envelope system. I would say I was about 75% successful. I still have to learn some self-control, but a lot of the extra costs (that I paid with debit usually) were related to things I committed to paying before June began.
  • I DID have cash left over, and when I went to deposit my paychecks today, I took all the loose change and some of the one’s and five’s and redeposited them.
  • The money envelope system did allow me to see where I spend and don’t spend (which will allow me to readjust my budget for July).

Now, as to cutting costs and increasing revenue?:

  • Cutting costs: not accomplished! I did learn some great tips from this blog about couponing though and hope to implement them in July.
  • I did NOT increase my revenue too much. I finally submitted my invoice to get paid for some contract work I do weekly, and got that paycheck for several months of service. I also did not get around to selling stuff on ebay or on Craigslist.

I did NOT get a new job yet. I admit, I’m a little desperate to get out of my current job. I had a job interview that went really well, and had I not ultimately discouraged them from offering me the job, I think they would have. It was a good opportunity…for someone else. It would have been a pay cut, which goes completely against what I’m trying to do, and there was only so much I would have learned and only one place to go position wise. I was tempted to just keep my mouth shut and not let them know of my misgivings because I want to get out of my job so badly, but I was letting my emotions rule that little voice that’s been saying “You’re really fucking intelligent and capable. You deserve a great job with great pay.” That may come across as egotistical, but I, and may others, believe I am capable and destined for greater things. Good things come to those who wait, which is what I’m trying to do and patiently apply for jobs that pop up that are more along the lines of what I would like to do.

In other news, my car got hit the other day! I’m fine, but this is the second time in less than 8 months that someone has hit my car. The first time back in November I was injured, so I’m lucky this little jolt wasn’t enough to re-aggravate the injury. At the rate my little car is going, it’ll have had every side re-painted by the time I’m ready to sell in a year or two. It’s really frustrating and an annoyance, but I guess “it is what it is”.

I also bought fabric to make my money envelope! She sent little swatch samples, I could also add a little internal loose change pocket. There is actually enough to make three money envelopes – I’m tempted to do as such and sell them on etsy. 🙂


It’s shiny because it’s laminated cotton, so it’s durable, which is great for something that will be tossed around in my purse.

I have my new budget set for July and intend to follow it more religiously this month. But, sometimes life has a funny way of NOT letting you do things as planned, but hopefully it’ll all go as planned.

Now, for the big question: how much of my debt have I paid down??? Not much. I have to continue to follow my spending a bit longer to see where I can *really* start funneling money, but I really have to cut costs before I can effectively start assigning money to it. Regardless, I’ll post my July plan of attack though in a few days, and you can laugh at some of things that are coming down the line!


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