The progress I’ve made…

June is almost over, and I’ll have a better hold on how I did in 10 days, but I thought I would post a little update for now.

I would say I’ve been 80% faithful to the envelope system. I had a couple of  medical bills that needed to be taken care of. One of them I did via debit, the other credit. I also had to buy a wedding gift (with debit). I bought some cleaning supplies yesterday with debit and some clothes on credit. Otherwise, I’ve been trying to shop less and when I do go out, I try to make the conscientious effort to pull out cash. I think by the end of the month I’ll have some money left over and then revise some of my budgeting- I’ve budgeted a total of $500 for regular expenses (food, entertainment, gas and eating out), but hope to go down to $400 for July. I’ll also consolidate my “food” and “eating out” categories into one.

If, by the end of June, I’ve done well otherwise, I’m thinking of treating myself to one of these:

…or, see if I can get some free fabric off of Freecycle or Craigslist and make my own since I did buy a sewing machine a few months ago for such projects!

As for paying down debts, I am continuing to make my standard payments until my budget and monthly income becomes clearer in a few days. No increase to revenue yet, but I’ll discuss that more in my end of month update!


2 thoughts on “The progress I’ve made…

  1. Sounds like you’re doing good! Make your own cash envelope! I’m putting a picture up on my blog of a clothespin bag that an 11 year old made for me. Use that sewing machine girl! Don’t spend 18 bucks plus shipping at etsy. You can easily make one for 3 bucks using duct tape! Go to you tube and look up the duct tape videos. That stuff is amazing! Check out the wallets they make and make one kind of like that for your envelope.

  2. Duct tape comes in so many colors now too! What I did instead though, because I’m an accessories queen, is buy some cute laminated cotton fabric off of etsy for $4 ($6.25 after shipping). There’s enough to make two envelope wallets, so I may just make two and sell the second one to recoup the cost!

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